Fund 2

Good Bank

Jove Tapiador

Philippines-based neobank

  • Founded in 2020

  • Partnered in 2020

GoodBank is the anywhere bank for migrant workers, gig employees, and creative freelancers.

It provides working families with control over their financial lives and brings financial inclusion through smart technology.

GoodBank makes this happen through digital-to-the-core architecture plus a bank license, that enables agility, speed, and value-driven financial services for the unbanked and underbanked.

It is designed to capture a $5 billion annual serviceable market, focused initially on Philippines nationals working overseas. Currently around 65 percent of adults in the Philippines are unbanked and without affordable and intuitive remittance options. GoodBank hands financial control back to workers via a simple UI, gamified literacy and low costs. This is the future of banking.

Fund 2


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