Serial investor Tim Heath, Founder of Yolo Investments, and representatives of investee companies SAVii and ONE – formerly known as AIMS Group – discuss their shared mission of promoting financial inclusion via fintech innovation, exploring the benefits of networking and collaboration in the new age of venture capital.

As an early adopter of crypto and the creator of iGaming systems,, and, Tim Heath is used to being ahead of the curve, specialising in the cross-section of gaming, fintech, and blockchain. “It’s important to take calculated risks, identifying unique opportunities at the intersection of industries” shares Heath. “No sector is that more prominent than the field of emerging technologies – particularly in the digital sphere.”

Expanding beyond the iGaming sector, Heath entered the world of VC in 2017, bringing his expertise in fintech and blockchain to the new age of investments. “I have always had a passion for constant evolution, whether that is in the products we design, our business model, or to the larger industry.” “I was ready for the next step – to invest in other start-ups that aren’t afraid to step into the unknown, taking risks to innovate and disrupt the norm in all manner of tech start-ups.”

As a result, Heath founded Yolo Investments, a VC firm focused on seed and A-stage investment opportunities across gaming and fintech.

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