Yolo Investments has further expanded its fintech portfolio after making one of its largest investments to date in Curve, a highly regarded financial super app. Yolo Investments took part in Curve’s record-breaking crowdfunding campaign in May 2021.

Curve allows customers to consolidate their debit or credit cards into a single Curve card which is manageable via its app. It has already signed up more than 2.5 million customers as of end June 2021.

The company recently raised £72.5 million in January 2021 from a group of international investors as part of a successful Series C round. This followed its first record-breaking crowdfund in September 2019, which raised £4 million in just 42 minutes.

In the last year, Curve hired more than 200 new staff, more than doubled its customer base and increased the volume of transactions it processed by over £1 billion, reaching £3.0 billion at the end of June.

Tim Heath, GP at Yolo Investments, said: “Many of the Yolo Investments team are already enthusiastic users of Curve; we love the product and how it simplifies life for those of us juggling multiple debit and credit cards.

“We see huge growth potential – particularly across Europe and in the US – backed by a smart and fast-moving team which has grown one of the most exciting names in fintech over the last few years. This is why Yolo Investments is confident enough to make one of its largest investments to date in the company.”



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